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Renaissance Flooring carries carpet from small to major mills. Today's carpet selections are vast, characteristics such as color, texture, twist, pattern and loop to name a few make it paramount that you have expert guidance. Our flooring professionals have years of experience and can help you determine the correct carpet choice for your home. If you are looking for value, softness, stain resistance and beautiful style in a carpet, contact Renaissance Flooring today to schedule a free in-home consultation.


Flooring is the foundation for home decor. Selecting the right color and texture should be central to the decision making process in buying carpet.

  • color

    The advent of carpet fiber stain technology brought about a revolution in color possibilities. Homeowners, no longer fearing the use of light colored carpets, began to demand wider color choices. Generally speaking, darker shades create drama; lighter shades create a sense of spaciousness.

  • Style

    There are three basic construction types: cut pile, loop pile, and cut & loop pile. Every carpet style available is a variation of these constructions.

  • texture

    Carpet texture establishes the character of a room or home, from the formal look of cut pile velvet Saxony to the casual look of Berber. The texture of carpet allows you to express your personality and lifestyle. A heavily textured carpet will also help hide foot prints.

Estimating The Amount

Professional Estimation

Although we offer free flooring estimation services, you can follow the procedure outlined below to make a quick estimation of the amount of carpet you will need.

  1. Layout the Area to be Carpeted

    To begin, do a layout measurement of each room or area to be carpeted. Simply sketch out the shape of the room, indicating doors and other recesses, and note adjoining floor surfaces (this helps determine the carpet needed in doorways).

  2. Measure Length and Width

    Measure the length and the width of the room and record these on your sketch. Use the calculator below by entering your length and width to obtain an estimate of your room. Record the square feet and square yards on your sketch.

  3. The Estimate is :

    Be sure to list both measurements, since the total square footage of the room size may not correspond to the square feet (or yards) of carpet that will be used.

Carpet Yardage Calculator

Please enter the length and width of the room below and click calculate.

  • x =

Performance and Durability
Carpet Terms

Face Weight
Face weight is the number of ounces of fiber per square yard. The amount of fiber is directly related to the carpet performance and durability.
Twist is the number of times the fiber is twisted together in a 1-inch length. How many times the yarn is twisted, particularly in cut pile, is critical to carpet performance.
Density is how tightly together the fiber is stitched into the carpet backing. Higher density affects the look of the carpet and improves resistance to crushing and matting.
The quality of the pad laid underneath your carpet directly affects the comfort (feel) and durability of the carpet.
Fiber Type
The quality of the pad laid underneath your carpet directly affects the comfort (feel) and durability of the carpet.
Inherently stain and fade resistant, good color clarity.
Excellent stain and fade resistance, best in loop products.
Natural Fiber
DuPont Tactesse
Remarkably soft fiber.

Spending Guidelines

As well as meeting your aesthetic and performance requirements, your carpet selection must also suit your budget, and carpet prices vary considerably. Most factors affecting cost are directly related to quality, but often there are manufacturing expenses involved in simply achieving a certain look or texture. Finding the right style is essential, but it is important to know what you are paying for.

You should first realize that inexpensive carpet can be a poor investment. In most cases, well- made carpet which utilizes quality fiber costs more to manufacture and is more expensive, but it is often a better value in the long run.

When considering price, you should estimate the actual cost per year of new carpeting, since a high-quality carpet will often retain its original appearance longer than a lower-quality alternative. Carpet is a home improvement investment, and the difference you spend on the best quality may amount to only a few dollars a year. In addition, installation costs represent a significant percentage of your total carpet purchase, and buying inferior carpet which is replaced more frequently means you will have to incur those costs again.

Color Questions

When selecting your new carpet, it's helpful to answer these three color questions about your decorating goals:

  • Do you want the room to appear larger or more intimate?
  • Do you want the carpet to be bold and contrast with the surroundings or to be subdued and blend with them?
  • What are you featuring in the room? A favorite piece of pottery? Painting? Fabric?

Once you have answered these three questions, the information on these pages can be helpful in making your color selection.

There are three basic color schemes.All three begin with the dominant color from the room's primary feature (pottery, painting, fabric, etc.).

To create contrast, select colors which are opposite the dominant color on the color wheel.

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